Saplings Gogreen

Planting Saplings, waste management, water conservation, recycling & reuse.

Takeaways for Kids : Pot with saplings, project work

Art and Craft

Methods for easier drawing, sketching, painting, type of art, DIY crafts

Takeaways for Kids : Art works Craftworks

Softskill Training

Confidence & character building, anger management, team work.


 A training sessions on Zumba will be conducted by an expert.

Science project

Science project (physics, chemistry, biology)

Takeaways for Kids :  project work.


vedic maths, fun with numbers, abacus, mathematical constants, fun tricks with numbers, mind reading.

Master Chef

children are taught about food valuebased on vitamins, minerals, calories and divided into groups to form teams that will take part in thecooking competition.

Self Defense

Self Defense Techniques, Karate


Fun session with balloons and games


Yoga program, learning techniques(asanas)

Theatre Workshop

Learn about Drama, steetplay and other methods to express yourself.


Dance class (bollywood, freestyle)

POP corn

Movie day, Project on movie

India Day

mix of quiz competitions, ineteractive sessions and learning about our country’s rich history and culture.

Field Trip

Focuses on educational visits to places such as factories, museums, exploriums and heritage sites which help to engage kids into experiential learning and achieve greater learning benefits.

Camp at School

Camping, Tent Pitching, Survival techiniques.

Rubik’s Theary

learn to solve the rubic cube which helps concentration and memory power.


Costume competition, cultural program

Cartoon Bonanza

Fun with cartoon characters

Farewell day

Fun session, interactive sessions about the camp experience with parent, momentos as give aways

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