Educational Trips

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Girias Explorium

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Physics experiments (Air, gravity, magnetism, force, velocity, sound, gear table and circuits).
  • Space travel to different planets in rocket.
  • Creative building with Lego blocks.
  • Dig build and construct (JCB, Crane and lorry).
  • Indulge in role play (Chef and shop in market).
  • Know about health and fire safety (hospital, fire engine and ambulance).
  • Differentiating good and bad with fun activities.
  • Go creative (pin wall, sand art, glass paint).

Food menu


  • Sandwich and juice


  • Fried rice, noodles, Gravy, Cake piece, Juice/Tang and Chocolate


Why this place? : Farming without soil with just 5% water consumption than our conventional method.

Learning Outcomes

Aqua form Visit

Presentation About Aquafarm:

  • Marine life-supporting farming
  • Importance of water
  • Farming without soil
  • Flora & Fauna sustainable system



  • How bacteria can help you grow plants
  • Plant growth
  • Ecosystem
  • Water purification


  • Chemical reaction in water
  • Nitrification
  • PH level of water
  • Humidity


  • Understanding gravity
  • Potential energy to kinetic energy
  • Water recycling system


  • Knowledge about beekeeping
  • Bee colonies
  • Queen election
  • The job role of every bee assigned by the queen

Resort Amenities

  • Rain dance
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor & outdoor games



    Food menu:

    Breakfast (09:00 am)

    Idly, Vada, Chutney, Sambhar, And Cool Badam Milk.
    for teachers:- Student menu + veg sandwich

    Lunch (12:00 pm)

    Poori, sagu, Fried Rice, Noodles, organic salad
    for teachers:- veg lunch.

    Snacks (02:30 pm)
    1 glass of Rasna, Lays packet & Tea/Coffee for teachers

    A Day in a Village

    Learing Outcome:

    Exposure to village games

    • Gilli danda
    • Spin the top
    • Cycle tyre racing
    • Kite flaying
    • Catapault firing
    • Cow milking 
    • Pottery
    • Bullock cart ride
    • Flower & rangoli design classes

    Food menu:

    Breakfast: Fresh Juice, Bread Butter Jam, Cereals with Hot Milk, Idly, Vada, Chutney, Set Dosa, Samber, Egg Bhurji, Tea/Coffiee

    Lunch: Sweet corn soup, Green salad, Gobi Manchurian, Veg Noudle, Mutter paneer, Dal tadka, Chana Masala, Poori, Steamed Rice, Curd, Gulab Jamun / papad

     Hi Tea: French fry / Hot chocolate Milk

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