We at let’s hurray kidz believe that childhood is a very precious time in every individual’s life and that it is the right time to develop positive and constructive behavior in our children that will reflect in their futures.Children are a bundle of joy, exuberant and full of vigor that can be blended with our unique approach towards organizing team building activities that build cognitive skills, social and emotional, communication, motor skills, innovation and conceptualization, team bonding and team work in our children. Through our age specific games and activities that keep in mind the strengths and limitations of each specific age group we bring to you our unique and purpose-built exciting set of activities tailor made for your children.

And that’s not all, we also bring trained and certified Emcees and coordinators with tons of experience in handing children to organise these activities.Our approach towards team building in children is an out of the box and an uncommon idea in the existing market.We also organise workshops during the event that backup and compliment the team building activities both in terms of time at the event being well spent and learning objectives to be imparted.

Team Building and Party Games A day out for the kids is a great idea to get the kids in their excited moods and enjoy with their friends. But, the day out wouldn’t be complete with out party and team building games to keep the children engaged and channel their creative energies through the right outlets. We bring a host of exciting and fun games coupled with learning objectives that bring out the best in your kids.

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Abacus is one of the oldest external aids used for computing arithmetic. Most of us are unaware of the many learning activities that can be done using an abacus. The Abacus is one of our distinct packages integrated with fun activities that help build mathematical and problem solving skills in children.


Buy Liquid Xanax Our Workshops for children focus on developing a varied set of skills that range from innovative and conceptualization skills, designing and modelling to team work and communication that help children realise their dreams and ambitions in life.

Magic Show

So, who doesn’t love a magic show? The kids sure do. We organise magic shows for kids with the intent of giving them a more fun filled day through our mesmerising and colorful magic tricks. Now that is something your kids would surely love.

Photobooth It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Through our photo-booths we allow the kids to get themselves a candid picture with their buddies in fun and exciting costumes and props and take home pictures worth a thousand memories.

Carnival Games

And when the kids want more we have that covered too through our fun carnival games. These games are a game of chance and skill that allow the kids to have more fun and win some goodies.A great way to enhance the day out experience for your children.
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